The Energyst - Alban Thurston 

Scotland’s busiest airport may be powered exclusively by solar-generated electricity as early as next year.

Glasgow Airport’s owners AGS Airports are seeking planning permission to install 15 MWp of modules on 30 acres within its perimeter, south of the city.  It is believed to be the biggest farm on any airport in the UK, outpacing the 5.5MWp at Cornwall International in Newquay.

Envisaged for completion in 2023, Glasgow’s installation will be able to power the entire airport campus, plus tenants in retail, engineering and  fuel bunkering.  As calculated by consultants Ikigai, the venture’s planned output will be the equivalent of 52,000 homes’ consumption.

AGS Airports’ three fields at Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton all achieved carbon neutral status in 2020. The company plans to reach full net zero by 2030.

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