Airport World - Andrew Gibson & Elizabeth Leavitt

Airports need to get hydrogen ready now to help the industry meet its net zero targets, writes Jacobs’ Andrew Gibson and Elizabeth Leavitt.

Airports worldwide continue to make significant progress in reducing their carbon emissions, but without decarbonising aircraft, overall reductions from the aviation sector will be limited.

It is therefore no surprise to report that the aerospace industry is working hard to find solutions to the problem, primarily through the design and the development of new aircraft and methods of propulsion.

While rapid progress continues in the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and battery-electric propulsion, hydrogen is also being explored as a potential zero carbon-emission fuel of the future.

Indeed, research into the use of hydrogen continues to gain momentum, with projects such as the Aerospace Technology Institute’s FlyZero programme in the UK and the Airbus ZEROe initiative demonstrating realistic feasibility.

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