International Airport Review - Marco Troncone

Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, tells International Airport Review how there is no time like the present. Airports must act now and take advantage of the upcoming exciting digital and sustainable transitions within aviation.

Aeroporti di Roma embraces this fundamental challenge at various levels, with a predominant focus on decarbonisation: our primary aim is to become net zero by 2030, leading at the same time the transition of the whole industry.

To this purpose, we have launched an Italian observatory, i.e., the Pact for Decarbonising the Air Transport Industry, which gathers airports, airlines, institutions, associations and academics to identify a roadmap – based on a scientific approach, to reach the progressive decarbonisation of the sector ahead of the European target (2050). This alliance, officially presented during its first annual congress in September 2022, testifies to our vision that only by joining forces will we be able to prepare our industry to face a more sustainable future; a vision that concretises also through qualified partnerships, such as the one with Eni that allowed us to become the first airport in Italy to make Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) available to an airline, in 2021.

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