Simple Flying - Gaurav Joshi

Some airplanes flying close to the Russian border near and south of Finland have reported unusual activities with their GPS system in the last few days. While no cause for these abnormalities has been established, their occurrences close to the Russian border, particularly in light of the region's current geopolitical climate, have made authorities take notice.

Reuters has reported that Finland's flag carrier Finnair has noticed interference with its planes' GPS signals near Russia's Kaliningrad enclave. Kaliningrad is a Russian province situated between NATO member countries Lithuania and Poland, south of Finland.

Aircraft flying near Finland's eastern border with Russia have also reported similar problems in the last couple of days.

...Lithuanian airline Transaviabaltika has had to cancel 18 flights between Helsinki and Savonlinna in eastern Finland as GPS interference has made it almost impossible to land at Savonlinna airport, which does not have alternative navigation equipment.

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