Airport World - Simon Barnes

Genetec’s Simon Barnes assesses the risks of IoT devices in airports and the need for a joint approach to cyber and physical security to secure networks.

The ever-expanding catalogue of ‘smart devices’ is revolutionising airport operations. Innovative technology is directly improving the passenger experience and making operations more efficient.

One of the biggest areas where this technology is making a difference for airports is security. When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), security teams are modernising their practices to keep passengers, airport staff and airline staff running smoothly.

Indeed, IoT security devices are invaluable to security teams. Security operators are using IoT tools to help secure the perimeter from intrusions, control access to terminals or runways and support Customs and Immigration checks, to keep passengers flowing through the airport.

Tasks that were once time-intensive and stretched manpower to untenable levels are now automated. By trusting the devices to do the legwork, security staff can stay constantly aware of the bigger picture, and stay informed of which issues are urgent, and which are distractions.

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