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The Irish government has agreed for the army to be trained and put on standby to assist at Dublin Airport in the case of further disruption.

The request was made by Transport Minister Eamon Ryan, writing on behalf of Dublin Airport operator, daa.

The daa is concerned about possible further staff shortages in the event of a Covid-19 surge.

Defence Forces personnel will receive basic security screening training.

The Department of Transport said the airport's current operational plans put in place since the start of June were "working effectively and people are making their way through the airport safely and making their flights".

"However, given the heightened risk environment and the impact that a resurgence of Covid-19 could have on its staff and operations, DAA proposed that it would be prudent at this juncture for initial, preparatory steps to be made to facilitate the potential deployment of the Defence Forces to the airport," the department said.

The forces deployed will be trained for "non-public facing duties".

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