READY TO DE-ICE, London Luton Airport.


Our Turnkey solutions teams are busy completing projects at several airports in the UK, whilst the engineering team is focused on the project works at Dublin, and control system upgrades at Heathrow. Both of these departments were heavily involved on the recent project at London Luton Airport, with the build of the de-icing facility which has now been brought into service. Planning ahead the airport needed to ensure the flight schedule would not be disrupted in the winter months and an investment to achieve this was made.


Liam Bolger, Airside Operations Manager at London Luton is responsible for the management of this facility along with other aspects of the airfield. He commented that the de-icing facility was an absolute worthy investment for the airport, it is used extensively, typically throughout January/February, but will be back operational this weekend with sleet expected.


Full case study available here.




FX Focus - FX862


Runway edge lights may be high or low intensity dependent upon the conditions for which the airport is licensed. The fixtures will generally be elevated types but inset fittings will be used at runway and taxiway intersections and also runway access points.  For runways having a width up to 50m, luminaires are installed at a nominal 60m ± 6m spacing, in two parallel rows along the edge of the declared useable runway and equidistant from the runway centreline.  Within the complete FX range of LED fixtures, the elevated runway edge light application uses the FX862C for 45 meter wide runways and the FX862CW for 60 meters. They are both Bi-directional, or uni-directional, Clear(white), Yellow, or Red light source, suitable for CAT II/III operations. An omni directional optical array, Clear(white), can also be incorporated into the fixture as an option. This helps provide lighting for circular guidance where required.


When designing or installing the runway edge circuit, the system should be arranged over two interleaved circuits. Care must be taken in the planning of these circuits in order to ensure that the colour coding is maintained across both circuits.


For more detailed information please refer to the data sheet 




Touchdown in December 2006


Congratulations to Martin Paterson who this month celebrates his 14 year anniversary here at ATG Airports.

Martin is one of our most experienced Project Managers, and is trusted by some of the UK’s largest airports to oversee their major airfield projects. He was based at Heathrow Airport for many years, and is our nominated project manager for all of our major installation works there.  


During his time on Heathrow, Martin has been responsible for overseeing the AGL works for the rehabilitation of the Northern and Southern runways with associated taxiways, and the transition from tungsten halogen to LED lighting. Martin’s career with ATG Airports began as an electrician, and having shown his ability to deliver projects and manage other team members, he has achieved promotion  through supervisory positions to his current role of Project Manager.

When Martin arrived at atg airports:

  • The UK number one single was ‘Put Your Hands up for Detroit’ by Fedde Le Grand. 
  • Manchester United ended the season as Premier League Champions for the 9th time in 15 years.
  • The year 2006 also marked the record breaking longest distance flight without landing. This amazing feat was achieved by Steve Fossett who took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, circumnavigating the world eastbound, and, after passing over Florida, continuing across the Atlantic for a second time to land in Bournemouth. The flight lasted over 76 hours, and covered over 42,000 kilometres. 

At the same time as this great achievement, ATG Airports were busy working on major projects at London Luton Airport CAT III upgrade, Gatwick, Manchester, and overseas at sunny RAF Gibraltar.




AGL Ready?

With winter fast approaching, checks on snow and ice clearing equipment are probably at the forefront of your maintenance regimes. However, take a moment to consider what do you need to support your AGL system.


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