The Connected Places Catapult published its blueprint for zero-emission flight infrastructure at airports.

With the UK’s path towards a sustainable future resting on ambitious 2050 net-zero goals, aviation and airport infrastructure must evolve rapidly.

To cope with these complex tasks, the Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure (ZEFI) programme – funded by the Department for Transport – has released a comprehensive 90-page blueprint to serve as a playbook for the industry – helping it understand the changes required to transform aviation and hit zero emission targets. 

The report was developed from a wide range of sources and stakeholders, condensing key learnings into a concrete vision for the future of airport and airfield infrastructure. It highlights the similarities and differences between existing fuels and SAF, hydrogen, and electrically powered aviation systems – spelling out a system architecture for the new technologies and showing how they interlink into different potential pathways.


Downlod the publication here!