Simple Flying - Abid Habib

The heavy torrential rain experienced led to flooding of the airfield at Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) on Monday. This led to all flights being grounded at the airport.

The recent downpour of heavy rain heavily affected several areas in Beijing, including Daxing. Reports from PYOK suggest that at least 11 lives have been lost, and a few dozen people have been injured. Over the weekend, PKX issued a red alert due to the rapid deterioration of the weather in the area. However, by Monday, the situation got worse airport was flooded with rainwater.

With aircraft on the ground being stranded in the water-logged airfield, airlines had been forced to ground the aircraft and cancel flights. Passengers at the airport have taken to social media and posted pictures and videos of the flooded airport aprons.

While the Daxing airport has been severely impacted in terms of operations, Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) has also been partially affected, with dozens of flights canceled over the past few days.

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