BBC News - George Wright

There has been a second day of chaos for thousands of travellers at London Heathrow after British Airways (BA) cancelled at least 42 more flights due to the impact of an IT failure.

BA said cancellations are still happening due to the "knock-on effect of a technical issue" resulting in staff being in the wrong location.

Around 16,000 passengers have been affected by the cancellations.

It comes on the busiest day for UK air travel since 2019.

Most of the affected flights are departing from or arriving at Heathrow.

But there have also been delays to other flights, while some passengers have been unable to check in online.

On Thursday, BA apologised for cancelling dozens of flights at Heathrow. The airline said it was related to "technical problems" causing difficulties with online check-in, delaying flights.

"While the vast majority of our flights continue to operate today, we have cancelled some of our short-haul flights from Heathrow due to the knock-on effect of a technical issue that we experienced yesterday," BA said in a statement on Friday.

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