Yesterday the British Aviation Group submitted our response to the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Jet Zero Consultation.

 BAG Jet Zero Consultation Response FINAL.pdf (199 KB)

BAG recognises that the aviation sector delivers significant social and economic benefit at both a national and global level, but that delivering these benefits needs to be achieved in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.  To ensure this all sectors of the aviation industry must improve their sustainability performance to combat climate change, address the biodiversity crisis and restore the environmental conditions which the planet and humanity requires. 

Recognising that decarbonisation is one of, if not the, most significant sustainability challenges that the sector has to address, we consider it imperative that this is not considered in isolation. Whilst many of the measures that reduce carbon have wider benefits, for example in noise and air quality, some involve trade-offs with other social and environmental factors. As such we urge government to consider future policy on Jet Zero in the context of a wider holistic framework for sustainable aviation.  

Our response to Jet Zero has focused primarily on those areas where the BAG membership is best informed; and where we consider our voice makes a positive contribution to the debate. It draws on thinking from extensive engagement on the topic of sustainable aviation both with our membership and with an international customer base over several years, and incorporates specific feedback received from members and elected board members in respect of this consultation.

Thank you to all BAG members who have contributed in developing our response.

BAG has also developed a new Sustainability Policy which outlines our commitment to sustainability through client, member and external engagement.

 BAG Sustainability Policy v1 FINAL.pdf (113 KB)

For further background you can also view BAG’s Sustainability Brochure Environment and Sustainability – World leading supply chain expertise.