This week marks the start of Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims worldwide, a month of prayer, fasting, charity, reflection, self-improvement, and community. For many of us, Ramadan is a time where we watch our colleagues abstain from food and water – but how much do we really know about this sacred month and what it means to those observing and importantly how can we support our colleagues?
This VLOG will give you an introduction to the month of Ramadan, what it means, provide you with some ideas how Ramadan can be eased in the workplace, how you can start some meaningful conversations with your colleagues, create a more inclusive environment within your business, and hear some practical tips and related experiences.

The British Aviation Group is committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation, which reflects the communities and society in which we serve.  As such we have developed an Inclusion Calendar for 2024 where throughout the year, we will highlight selected topics and dates of interest to our members to take them with us on our Inclusion journey, sharing learning and knowledge with our members.

Listen to Furah Naeem (BAG’s Next Gen Vice Chair & Co-lead of the BAG DE&I Group) and Shakir Khaja (Lead BAG Business Intelligence & Missions Working Group) discuss all things Ramadan in this insightful conversation!