The Sunday Times - John Arlidge

Cost-cutting and shoddy service turned ‘the world’s favourite airline’ into Broken Airways. Sean Doyle, BA’s new CEO, tells John Arlidge how he plans to fix it

Like most of us, Sean Doyle is itching to hear the engines rev on an aeroplane as it tears down the runway to go somewhere, anywhere — starting, in his case, with home. “I’ve not been back to see my mum and my sisters in Cork since October,” he says. After that, he’s looking forward to bumping up through the clouds on his way to New York. “I want to meet our teams in America.” Doyle, who was appointed British Airways’ boss last October, wants to use his first flights since travel restrictions eased to signal not just that the flag carrier is back at 39,000ft but also that it’s on a glide path that will once again make it Europe’s, if not the world’s

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