The Airport Operator Magazine - Pages 20-21

WTW and the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Risk Studies have unveiled their revolutionary new Airport Risk Index (ARI) designed to help owners and operators build operational resilience against the growing number of risks they face. The ARI, which was three years in development, was presented to more than 100 global airport executives at WTW’s annual Airport Risk Community (ARC) conference in Lisbon in September.

The Index combines historical and predictive analysis to give airports the ability to interrogate their assumptions on risk. In an operating environment of non-stop change and competing demands on resources, it is easy to focus on the current issues that often dominate executive surveys, rather than the ‘what if’s’. The index sets out both likelihood and impact for the indexed threats to offer a perspective on what has always been possible and what we need to prepare for.

Features of the Airport Risk Index In its present configuration, the ARI compares 110 of the world’s busiest airports (by passenger volume) against 19 of the sector’s most prominent threats, measuring the probability and impact of any interruption in operations.

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