Hydrogen Capability Network skills update

The ATI’s Hydrogen Capability Network is continuing to work on hydrogen skills and research capability with recent updates summarised below:

  • A joint workshop with the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) to understand skills gaps and demand for aerostructures took place on 12th July. Three further workshops are planned on gas turbines, fuel cells and electrical systems and systems integration (including tanks and fuel systems) with dates to be confirmed.
  • We are working with cross-sector hydrogen organisations on future skills requirements including the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (HII) and the Hydrogen Skills Alliance (HSA). Liquid hydrogen (LH2) technology, skills and research is still immature meaning collaboration is required to accelerate learning.
  • A workshop is planned for Wednesday 13th September with UK Aerospace Research Consortium (UK-ARC) to identify gaps in research to support LH2 flight.


Hydrogen training courses

As part of this background research a list of organisations offering hydrogen-related training has been collated and will be published on the Hydrogen Capability Network page of the ATI website soon. In advance of this, below is a list of upcoming courses from some of these providers which may be of interest to this community.


  • 16th - 17th October: Clean hydrogen: technologies, economics and growth pathways by IMechE (imeche.org)
  • 6th - 10th November: Cranfield short course – Hydrogen for civil aviation – H2 in the aircraft by Cranfield University (cranfield.ac.uk)
  • 29th - 30th November: Green hydrogen by IMechE (imeche.org)
  • 20th - 22nd November: Cranfield short course – Hydrogen: fundamentals and materials challenges by Cranfield University (cranfield.ac.uk)


Please note the Hydrogen Capability Network is sharing these courses for awareness and in doing so does not endorse these courses or training providers. We would encourage you to check the course details against your learning objectives.