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The upgrades will reportedly make the airport more eco-friendly and reduce operating costs.

Officials in the province of Sante Fe in Argentina are reportedly moving forward with the expansion plans of Rosario International Airport. The overhaul, which originated in 2017 and restarted in 2021, has been divided into different stages to prevent it from impacting passenger movement at the airport.

The first stage of work is set to be completed during the first quarter of 2023 and is reportedly financed through the Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Services, and Habitat of Santa Fe.

The first stage, which includes the new terminal building, will cover around 4,800 square meters. The building will have two levels, shops at the departure and arrival areas, baggage claim, agency offices, and service areas. A new set of stairs and elevators will be situated northwest of the existing terminal, allowing passengers to pass through to the new building seamlessly.

In later stages, a telescopic gangway will reportedly be installed, according to Aviacionline.

Officials also plan to renovate the airport's aging runway. It was built in 1972 at just 3,280 feet (1,000 m) long and then was lengthened in 1978 to its current 9,842 feet (3,000 m) measurement.

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