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Forget faraway 2050. Brisbane Airport is bringing forward its net-zero emissions by 25 years to 2025.

Brisbane Airport is bringing forward its net-zero target by 25 years. The busy Queensland airport had targeted a 2050 net-zero target date in line with many other aviation industry organizations. But on Friday, the airport said it would dramatically accelerate its emission reduction targets and commit to net-zero by 2025.

Specifically, the accelerated 2025 net-zero targets tackle direct emissions from operational activities and indirect emissions resulting from consumed products such as purchased electricity. "Brisbane Airport Corporation has committed to transition to 100% renewable energy, purchase all-electric fleet vehicles, and develop an onsite carbon removal project within its biodiversity zone," says an airport statement.

By the end of the decade, Brisbane Airport wants to value add to its net-zero emissions by sending zero waste to landfill, using at least 10% sustainable aviation fuel, and making sure 50% of water consumed comes from recycled sources.

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