Simple Flying - Sumit Singh

PIT is seeing notable advantages a year on.

An industry first, the microgrid powers the entire airport with natural gas and solar energy. The terminals, airfield, Sunoco gas station, and Hyatt hotel are all backed by this grid of five natural gas-fired generators & 9,000 solar panels. The primary goal is to provide a more “efficient, sustainable, and resilient” energy source.

Sustainability will remain a focus of the new $1.4 billion terminal modernization program. The new facility will feature outdoor terraces before and after the security area to ensure access to fresh air for travelers. During construction, a minimum of 75% of waste generated will be recycled or reused, including concrete from existing airfield ramps that will be reused for new roads.  Other plans include rainwater harvesting and other water conservation efforts. Moreover, the airport is collaborating with Pittsburgh’s robust technology ecosystem to continue implanting creative ideas.

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