AviaSolutions Principal Consultant of Infrastructure Darrell Swanson, will be speaking at the Electric and Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium 2017 taking place in Cologne on 16-17 November.

On the 2nd day Darrell will review the Uber Elevate paper and propose an alternative history of the rise of sub-regional airlines and the eventual fulfilment of Uber’s vision. Darrell will discuss the economics of such sub-regional airlines, outline their likely operating characteristics and identify factors that will be their enablers. Additionally, he will review how sub-regional airlines could reinvigorate beleaguered regional airports and give rise to sub-regional airports and eventually sub-regional hub airports. Darrell will also discuss the challenging economic and operating characteristics of airports looking to serve sub-regional airlines.

The Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium is a leading event for high level aerospace engineers, leading research academics and heads of electrical system design and engineering to discuss, debate and analyse the development of hybrid electric aircraft and even the possibility of pure electric-only commercial flight.

The two-day event will cover all aspects of aerospace activity, from general aviation and smaller regional aircraft, to larger commercial airliners, with its purpose being to highlight the fast-paced development of hybrid propulsion and electrical subsystem architecture or MEA, to discuss the vast research into the increased electrification of aircraft and the possibilities and challenges that brings 

As airlines are demanding ever more fuel-efficient aircraft to save costs electric and hybrid technologies are in great demand. Furthermore, hybrid-electric aircraft could see near-silent commercial aviation activity, increasing passenger comfort and flight frequency. A quieter aircraft can operate over more territories, more of the time potentially leading to night time operations. It is little wonder that every major aircraft manufacturer is now investing heavily into developing electric aerospace propulsion technologies.  Indeed, it is inevitable that we will see ever more start-up companies creating such innovative technologies, just as we have seen in the automotive and maritime industries.

Biography: Darrell is a principal consultant (infrastructure) at AviaSolutions. He has been working in aviation consultancy for 20 years on projects ranging from airport planning and management to acquisition due diligence. In his current role at AviaSolutions Darrell supports the transaction advisory business through the development of capital expenditure plans among other activities including airport masterplanning and safeguarding. Additionally, Darrell is a board member of the British Aviation Group, which is the UK’s largest trade body, representing over 160 companies in the airport and aviation sector. Darrell has had a long interest in VTOL operations, which was reflected in his MBA paper on developing a heliport south of London City Airport on the now decommissioned HMS Ark Royal. Sadly, HMS Ark Royal is no more, but the rise of electric VTOL presents greater opportunities for the aviation community.