Simple Flying - Jake Hardiman & Joshua Kupietzky

Many large cities are served by several different airports, including the likes of London, Beijing, and Tokyo, to name just a few. While this could complicate travel and connections for some travelers, there is a reason why they exist. The New York area has three primary commercial airports: LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK), and Newark Liberty International (EWR).

All three airports opened at different times and for various reasons, but they continue to serve specific roles for the city that never sleeps.

Even if creating one central airport for New York was an option, it would not make sense, as each of the three main airports serves a specific purpose. For instance, LaGuardia, the closest to the city, mostly features short to medium-haul flights with smaller aircraft. It can accommodate planes as large as the Boeing 767, with which Delta Air Lines previously operated flights from LaGuardia to Atlanta.

This is compared with JFK and Newark, which handle larger aircraft on longer routes. 

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