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Chris Loh

Consistently ranked among the top three airports in the world, and occasionally crowned with the top spot, Singapore Changi and its amenities have essentially become a destination in and of itself. Home to Singapore Airlines, this expansive facility is also host to a wide array of amenities, from shopping and dining, to an open-air pool and its famous “Jewel” canopy park. But what does the future hold for an airport that has already achieved so much?

Sitting down for an interview with Simple Flying during our Future Flying Forum in November, Jayson Goh, Managing Director of Airport Operations at Changi, discussed COVID’s impact on the airport while also sharing some of the exciting new initiatives coming soon to the Southeast Asian airport.

When discussing the future of Changi Airport, an increased level of digitization was an important topic of discussion. Of course, the increased use of technology is not just a future concept but something already taking place at the airport. Indeed, this is quickly becoming something that travelers are expecting...

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