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The airport's runway was closed for take-offs and landings during a large portion of Monday, prompting cancelations and delays.

On Monday, August 15, Aberdeen Airport (ABZ) in Scotland had to temporarily suspend operations due to unscheduled runway repairs. Some operations seem to be back up and running by late afternoon, but several arriving services were canceled or diverted, and departing flights have been severely delayed.

Earlier today, a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) stated that Runway 16/34 at ABZ was closed to fixed-wing aircraft due to unscheduled maintenance work in progress. According to Aerotime Hub, an updated NOTAM was released shortly after that. This was valid until 13:30 UTC (14:30 local time) and indicated that the runway was available for use but that the landing distance available (LDA) and take-off run available (TORA) for runway 34 was 1,276 meters, instead of the published 1,953.

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