Airport Technology - Jasleen Mann

A package of measures to decarbonise the transport industry was unveiled by the UK Government on 30 March.

The measures include the production of sustainable aviation fuel as well as the shift to electric vehicles.

Manufacturers will interact with a credit-based trading system which allows them to bank credits when they exceed annual targets, for future use or to trade with manufacturers who have not reached targets.

Those who do not meet annual targets could receive fines up to of up to £18,000 for every vehicle the target was missed by.

From 30 March, the UK Government opened the second application round of the £165m Advanced Fuels Fund. This is a step towards the UK having at least five commercial scale UK sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plants in construction by 2025.

A second consultation on the SAF mandate has been launched regarding how the mandate will deliver carbon savings and provide incentives to SAF producers.

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