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LATAM Airlines is the largest operator at these airports.

Three Peruvian airports, Ayacucho, Jaén, and Juliaca (AYP, JAE, and JUL, respectively), remain closed as political uncertainty continues throughout the country and deadly clashes between protestors and the police drag on. The closure of these airports impacts the operations of three airlines, Sky Airline, JetSMART, and LATAM Peru.

The nationwide protests have impacted the civil aviation industry on several occasions. First, five airports, Andahuaylas (ANS), Arequipa (AQP), Juliaca (JUL), Cuzco (CUZ), and Ayacucho (AYP), were forced to close due to the ongoing protests in the country. At least Andahuaylas, Cuzco, and Arequipa were damaged by protestors, destroying the runway, air traffic control offices, perimeter fences, safety signs, and more, according to local reports.

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