Airport Technology - Peter Nilson

Of the ten most expensive airport projects that entered the execution phase in 2021, seven are located in Asia.

In total, 159 airport construction projects broke ground over the last year. These projects have a combined value of almost $110bn, a slight decrease on the 134 projects that cost £131bn in 2020. 59% of all projects in the last year are based on terminals, either expansions or new developments, totalling over $87bn investment combined.

Here are the top ten most expensive airport construction projects that broke ground in 2021:

  1. Navi Mumbai International Airport, India: $2.3bn
  2. Shannan Longzi Airport, Tibet: $2.5bn
  3. San Diego Airport Upgrade, US: $2.6bn
  4. Fuzhou Changle International Airport Expansion, China: $3.1bn
  5. Domodedovo International Airport Expansion, Russia: $3.2bn
  6. Western Sydney Airport, Australia: $3.5bn
  7. U-Tapao International Airport Expansion, Thailand: $9.3bn
  8. Sangley Point International Airport, Philippines: $10.3bn
  9. Long Thanh International Airport, Vietnam: $14.5bn
  10. Bulacan International Airport, Philippines: $14.5bn

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