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The US Embassy in Liberia has advised travelers to use caution at Monrovia Airport as it is not up to code with international standards.

The US Embassy in the Liberian city of Monrovia has released a statement to the American public advising that travel to the country's Roberts International Airport (ROB) may be unsafe. The announcement comes following several audits of the airport. These audits revealed several areas where the airport was not up to code with international standards. Let's take a look at the audit findings and the embassy's advisory.

The recent audits discovered shortcomings regarding operational standards, airport security, and safety. According to the audits, the airport falls behind international standards and far behind US standards in terms of airport safety and security.

The Liberia Civil Aviation Authority, Liberia Airport Authority, and executives of ROB have noted the issues. However, no significant changes have been made at ROB to fix the shortcomings.

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