Airport World - Charlie Meyer

It is time to apply a ‘warp-speed mindset’ to the digital transformation of airport operations to accommodate future growth, improve the passenger journey, respond to disruptions and optimise operational efficiencies from ground operations to ticketing, writes Charlie Meyer.

And of the many industries that were disrupted by the pandemic and would most benefit by extreme advancement of technology — often termed as a ‘digital transformation’ — the aviation industry has emerged as one that is ripe for transformation with a similar warp-speed mindset that the US government leveraged to such great success in their mission to provide vaccines.

Perusing a whitepaper about the digital transformation needs of airport operations, which queried many of the top business leaders in the industry, we can see that two of the top target benefits are improving the passenger journey, and upgrading operational efficiency, both in terms of capacity enhancement and enhanced operational resilience and agility.

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