Simple Flying - Joe Kunzler

Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s busiest air cargo hub. It is well known to be a key Asian air cargo hub with worldwide direct flights. But with 4,199,196 metric tonnes of freight, it is barely ahead of Memphis International Airport’s 4,042,679 metric tonnes.

Of course, with Federal Express’s (FedEx’s) home plate being Memphis International Airport as pictured above, it’s no surprise that Memphis International Airport is second on the top ten list. The airport had 146,330 domestic and international aircraft operations for 2022.

In third place was Anchorage International Airport in Alaska. Anchorage is less than ten hours flight time from 95% of the industrial world, and along the great circle route linking Asia with North America. It handled over 3.4 metric tonnes of air freight in 2022.

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