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Scottish Affairs Committee report makes series of recommendations for saving Scottish airports

In its report, Airports in Scotland, MPs acknowledged the importance of airports to rural communities across Scotland, which was brought into sharp focus during the last two years.

The coronavirus crisis severely impacted Scottish airports, with passenger numbers dropping by more than 75% in Scotland in 2020.

The committee heard evidence that the recovery in terms of passenger numbers and the ability for Scotland to connect to other areas is unlikely to happen before 2025, and that varied restrictions across the UK made a challenging situation worse.

At its current rate, the UK Government’s strategic framework for aviation recovery - which is currently paused - is unlikely to speed up the sector’s recovery substantially. The committee calls on ministers to publish this as soon as possible.

The report warned that the Airspace Modernisation Programme risks collapse unless it is properly funded, making the case for a swift recovery plan even more pertinent.

Full Report

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