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Between 5,000 and 7,000 travellers had to be rescreened.

On Thursday [18 Aug 2022], all passengers at San Diego International Airport (SAN) were evacuated and had to be rescreened after a security threat was located when a traveler took a carry-on that had been identified for additional screening and walked into the sterile area of the airport.

At approximately 12:25 pm local time on Thursday, a traveler walked into the sterile area of the airport with a carry-on that needed additional screening from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers. Following the incident, TSA officers began searching for the traveler but were unable to locate him. This led the TSA to take the decision of clearing Terminal 2 West & East, evacuating all civilians. At the same time, law enforcement canines and officers conducted a sweep of the terminal and gate areas.

Following the sweep, TSA began screening travelers again through the Terminal 2 security checkpoints in San Diego. 

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