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The plan will be launched in 2024 and is expected to be completed in 2027.

A$1.3bn expansion plan for Sacramento International Airport in the US has been unveiled, with an aim to cope with the airport’s projected growth over the next seven years.

Operator Sacramento County Department of Airports announced that the SMForward plan includes six projects and will be launched next year.

The projects include a $140m pedestrian walkway that will connect Terminal B to Concourse B, giving passengers the option to walk to their gate or utilise the airport’s train system.

It also includes expansions to both Terminal A and Concourse B, which will add gates and new amenities, as well as a new Terminal B parking garage.

The project plan will also see the creation of a consolidated ground transportation centre that will centralise taxi, rideshare, and off-site shuttle providers into a single area that is walkable from both terminals.

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