The world's leading airport charges calculation engine made available for direct integration into customer databases and applications


RDC, one of Europe’s leading aviation information businesses, today announced the launch of its Airport Charges API. Powered by RDC’s unique AirportCharges data and calculation engine, the Airport Charges API calculates total airport and per passenger charges on a single-leg operation, including departure charges from the origin airport and arrival charges at the destination airport.

Airport charges and fees can account for up to 15% of airline operating cost, yet collecting and analysing these charges to make sure invoices and budgets are accurate is a time consuming, costly and difficult challenge. The same goes for business jet operators where creating quotes to win business often relies on estimates of airport charges. The API, which links the RDC airport charges calculation engine to a range of external systems using standard REST protocol, can provide both simple and detailed output depending on user requirements and permissions.

The API has been built for maximum flexibility, enabling integration with any system that can provide the relevant, limited inputs: origin, destination, date/time of operation, basic aircraft details and output currency.

 This API is a game-changer in the world of airline finance and business aviation systems. With competition strong, understanding costs is more important than ever. And while airport charges data on its own is incredibly useful, its true power comes when it’s integrated with related data sources. Airline finance systems can now automate the input of user fees direct into their invoice checking functions and network charges analysis, whilst for business aviation the Airport Charges API brings significant efficiencies to the quoting process, by sending airport cost data direct to the end user.”

Adam Kendall

Online Product Manager | RDC

 About RDC:

RDC has been working in the aviation arena for over 15 years, and is well known in the industry for its honest and accurate approach to managing and analysing data. RDC is trusted by the world’s largest airlines and airports for its knowledge, expertise and thought leadership.



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