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The refurbishment plans were put on hold due to the significant reduction in air traffic movements and passenger volumes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with an expected recovery to pre-pandemic passenger volumes in 2026, Acsa has now reevaluated its capital investment programme and recommenced some of the suspended expansion projects.

Govindsamy said Acsa is currently in consultation with the industry and regulating committee and will provide more detail on the project timelines of major capacity projects in the next three months.

‘The next exciting step is to grow Cape Town’s cargo footprint for export. Air cargo at Cape Town International Airport is a growing sector that holds huge benefits for the residents of Cape Town and the locally produced goods market. This is evident from the most recent statistics, which show that international cargo freight has grown by 52%,’ said Vos.

Regarding concerns about potential road closures or inconvenience to motorists during the construction process, Vos clarified that the upgrade primarily focuses on terminal improvements to accommodate larger aircraft and passenger volumes, and all work will be contained within the aerodrome’s precinct, under the primary control of Acsa.

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