The Moodie Davitt Report - Dermot Davitt

Malaysia Airports has reported a sharp recovery in traffic and revenues in Q1 2022, with reduced losses in the period. Passenger traffic more than doubled to 14.8 million group-wide and revenues climbed by +69.4% to RM570.8 million (US$130.4 million).

EBITDA leapt to RM186.9 million (US$42.7 million) compared to a modest RM16.2 million a year earlier, with losses narrowing by -52.7% to RM104.8 million (US$23.9 million).

Non-aeronautical income rose by +44.3% to RM215.4 million (US$49.2 million), aided by higher royalties and retail revenue. This in turn was due to an increase in international passenger traffic which led to higher commercial income.

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