Passenger Terminal Today
Elizabeth Baker

Munich Airport in Germany is launching a €2.5m (US$2.9m) project to turn 1,900ha of existing Bavarian forests into “climate forests”. The news was announced alongside plans to create electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) infrastructure at the airport in partnership with Urban-Air Port.

The airport’s aim is to operate the airport carbon-neutrally by 2030 with this forest project reducing the airport’s CO2  emissions by 60%. The remaining 40% will be offset through other projects.

Muich Airport’s eVTOL operations are expected to be operational by the middle of this decade to facilitate the vertical take-off and landing of electric air taxis. The goal is to demonstrate an ultra-compact, rapidly deployable, multi-functional operations hub for manned and unmanned vehicles providing aircraft command and control, charging and refueling, cargo and passenger loading and other associated services.

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