Future Travel Experience

25 April 2024

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) – a Corporate Partner of the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub – has entered a strategic partnership with Veovo. MAG will rollout Veovo’s people flow technology to minimise queues, with the aim of providing consistently smooth arrival, departure and transfer experiences.

Using Veovo’s Passenger Flow Management solution across its three airports (Manchester, London Stansted, and East Midlands), MAG will be able to better understand how people move and spend their time within each airport, and how this differs from flight to flight. The system will provide actionable intelligence to tailor airport services and reduce wait times – at any moment or place in the terminal – for a more seamless and enjoyable journey.

Veovo’s sensor-agnostic analytics platform means MAG can use any combination of sensors that best suit the physical space, ceiling heights, lane layout and business needs. The system will use a combination of LiDAR, 3D Stereo cameras and the airport’s WiFi infrastructure to understand the movement of passengers through the terminal. It will show queue times at key process points and provide flight-specific insights on appearance profiles, dwell times and movement.

[Read more: Manchester Airports Group selects Veovo for flow management (futuretravelexperience.com)]

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