Yorkshire Evening Post - Tom Coates

Leeds Bradford Airport has been accused of exceeding the limit on night flights during the 2022 summer season by campaigners.

A formal complaint has been submitted to Leeds City Council by airport campaigners Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA), who claim LBA exceeded the number of night flights it was allowed to operate by over 600 flights.

There are limits on the number of take-offs and landings between 11pm and 7am to protect the health of people living under the flight path. LBA’s limit for the 2022 summer season, which spanned from March 27 to October 30, was 2,920. However, GALBA has claimed their monitoring has shown a significant exceeding of the limit.

Andy Tate, a member of GALBA who lives under a flight path in north west Leeds, said: “We’ve monitored the number of night flights over the summer season using real time flight data information available online. LBA was allowed 2,920 night flights but we have found that LBA actually operated an incredible 600 more flights than allowed.

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