Simple Flying - Chris Loh

Vancouver Airport, in partnership with Canada's border agency, developed new technology to speed up the international arrivals process.

"Passengers arriving at YVR are now moving through Canada’s customs and border process up to 50% faster per traveler thanks to an innovative new technology that we developed in partnership with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)," YVR's blog proudly stated in a post on September 6th.

These paper forms are largely a thing of the past now, as Canada's airports have moved to set up electronic kiosks that allow recently-arrived passengers to scan their passports and complete their customs declarations with a few taps. Now, with updates to the process, partly innovated by YVR, travelers now have the option to complete their advanced declaration up to 72 hours prior to arrival through the ArriveCAN mobile app or website. This allows travelers to avoid answering all the questions on the kiosk, enabling them to simply verify their identity and move onto the next step in the arrivals process.

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