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ATL is home to the United States’ first end-around taxiway

The usual procedure at Atlanta Airport is to use runway 8L/26R for arrivals and 8R/26L for departures. Of the five runways at the airport, these two north runways are the most extensively used as they serve flights that take off and land towards the west – which occurs around 70% of the time.

Prior to Taxiway Victor, up to 700 aircraft a day would have to wait in line for clearance to taxi across to the other active runway to get to the gates. Not only did this frustrate passengers who were eager to get off the plane, but it also increased fuel burn.

Taxiway Victor – or The Loop, as pilots call it – is an end-around taxiway that runs around the runway safety area below the departure surfaces. It is a vital component of the airport's taxiway system and plays a critical role in ensuring that planes can move around the airport efficiently.

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