Global Travel Taskforce

Vague and costly recommendations are not enough to reboot aviation and tourism sectors facing another summer without international travel, says the Transport Committee.

Following evidence sessions hearing from across the travel industry the Transport Select Committee has published its report into the Government’s Global Travel Taskforce. The Committee report states that the GTT “sets out a framework without the detail required to restart international travel. Where detail is provided, the costs may be disproportionate to the risk and add £500 on to the cost of a family of four travelling to the safest parts of the globe where the vaccine roll-out is comparable to the UK.” It goes on to say that the lack of clarity does not offer consumers or businesses clarity, and recommends that the green, amber and red lists be populated by May 1. The Government is also recommended to set out the criteria and mechanism by which countries will move between risk categories, and offer an affordable testing regime. The Committee lastly highlights serious concerns industry has about the UK here

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