Galliford Try Lagan Construction Joint Venture (GTLC) has been awarded a contract worth £135 million to upgrade infrastructure and facilities at RAF Marham near Kings Lynn in Norfolk for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

GTLC has been appointed to design and build a new aircraft hangar with associated support buildings known as an operational conversion unit as well as to reconstruct the two runways. As part of a wider, ongoing £250 million investment by the DIO at Marham this new project will accommodate the new F-35B Lightning II aircraft fleet that will arrive in the UK from mid-2018. GTLC will start work immediately and complete in summer 2019.

Bill Hocking, Chief Executive of Construction & Investments at Galliford Try, said: “This is a hugely significant award for us with the DIO, an existing client. It demonstrates the combined strength of our Infrastructure and Building divisions which will carry out the work together and complement the international experience of our partner Lagan”.


Kevin Anthony Lagan, CEO of Lagan Construction Group, said: “Having completed projects on over 50 airports in five continents, airport infrastructure works are a core part of our business. Our teams are experienced in providing the engineering skills and technologies necessary to deliver both airside and groundside support facilities.  We are pleased to work with the DIO again having recently completed successful contracts at RAF Akrotiri and RAF Gibraltar.  We look forward to working collaboratively with our joint venture partner Galliford Try to deliver these works to the highest safety standards and within programme and cost requirements.”

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