FlyZero, the UK study into zero-carbon emission commercial air travel, has published its vision for a new generation of aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen. The flagship report Our Vision for Zero-Carbon Emission Air Travel marks the conclusion of a 12-month study. It notes that UK companies must be ready to demonstrate technologies by 2025 to secure market share on new hydrogen-powered aircraft. This timescale is key for new zero-carbon emission aircraft to enter service by 2035 and to achieve the net zero 2050 target.

The ATI’s FlyZero project has set out a revolutionary vision for the future of aviation where a new generation of aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen keeps businesses, cultures, families and nations connected without the carbon footprint. A suite of open source documents are available to download here and a series of more detailed and technical reports together with supporting research from industry and academia are available to organisations that meet the requirements of an access test.

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