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Runways will be renovated at Helsinki, Kuopio and Kuusamo airports.

Finnish airport operator Finavia has announced an investment exceeding €15m to renovate runways at Helsinki, Kuopio and Kuusamo airports.

At Helsinki Airport, the operator will refurbish the transverse runway, the northern end of runway 2 (15/33). It will also upgrade the electrical systems under the runway and the runway surface apart from improving the stormwater sewer system. The company intends to spend a total of €8m this year in Helsinki Airport.

Finavia will also carry out an overhaul of stormwater sewers and taxiways E and F at Kuopio Airport. It will continue to upgrade the electricity networks, which started last year. The operator will invest €5m in Kuopio Airport this year.

At Kuusamo Airport, Finavia will refurbish the runway lighting system and apron surface with an investment of €2.5mn.

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