May 2021


Great Hall to Reveal Finished Spaces with Construction Wall Reconfiguration 

Next month, passengers returning to Denver International Airport (DEN) will see even more progress on Phase 1 of the project, when construction walls in the center of the terminal on Level 5 will be moved for the first time since the project began. The new wall configuration will direct passengers arriving from the trains to walk north toward passenger pick-up, baggage claim and ground transportation. The current configuration directs passengers south. This “flip” will also unveil the new flooring and renovated restrooms in that area. And the new walls will enclose the remaining area that crews need to finish as they work toward completion of Phase 1 by the end of this year.


Wall Re-Configuration

Work on Phase 2 will begin in early July, resulting in additional construction wall installation. More information on Phase 2 and how to navigate around the new construction walls will be released in the coming weeks.



Hensel Phelps Creating Job Growth Opportunities for Employees


The Great Hall Project elevated its level of transparency with the introduction of the public dashboard last summer. This monthly update provides the status of the project including construction milestones, budget, safety, and minority- and women-owned business participation.


One measurement on the dashboard that consistently exceeds its goal is participation in the Workforce Program - specifically the apprentice hours worked. The Phase 1 project goal is for apprenticeship hours to be at least 5% of all craft hours. The May dashboard shows that Hensel Phelps is exceeding that goal at an impressive 14.9%.


The apprentice hours provide people entering into the trades opportunities to gain experience and train for a permanent position in the future. To reach this goal, Hensel Phelps created a team dedicated to workforce development and partnered with WORKNOW. This is a program developed in conjunction with the City and County of Denver, to provide multilingual training to current workers and new job seekers. The Great Hall Project apprentices apply to the WORKNOW program by providing their certification and working a three-month provisional period. Subsequently, they go through a more permanent approval process. As a member of WORKNOW, employees can receive supportive services including tools, gear and financial assistance.


The structural work in the main terminal has been a key factor in the success of the workforce program for Hensel Phelps. Elements of the project, such as the steel supports, provide an excellent training opportunity for apprentices that will translate to future career opportunities. 


“At the height of Phase 1, there are over 40 apprentices working the Great Hall Project right now covering trades from electricians and plumbers to sheet metal workers and pipefitters, some of whom were already WORKNOW members and many of whom were enrolled into the program with the support of the Great Hall team,” said Maxine Pryor, M/WBE and Workforce program manager. “


If you are interested in receiving more information about WORKNOW, please email or visit the Opportunities page on the Great Hall Project page.


HP Workforce event



Jeppesen Statue Relocated, Temporarily, as part of the Great Hall Project


When you arrive from the train into Level 5 of the Great Hall, you may notice our iconic Elrey Jeppesen statue is missing, but fear not; it has only been temporary relocated to make way for construction. The Jeppesen Statue can now be found in the southeast corner of the terminal atrium, near the south security checkpoint and the doors to the plaza. Captain Jeppesen’s likeness will remain in this location until his permanent home in the terminal is determined. DEN named the terminal after Jeppesen based on his significant contributions to the aviation industry and to Colorado.

Jeppesen's new location



Hensel Phelps Focuses on Mental and Physical Health During Construction Safety Week


Over the last year, we have all experienced additional stress and anxiety due to the pandemic, including those in the construction industry. That is why earlier this month, Hensel Phelps focused on mental and physical health as part of Construction Safety Week, May 3-7, and National Mental Health Awareness month. Through toolbox talks, demonstrations, podcasts and social media, Hensel Phelps addressed topics such as mental health, total wellness and the responsibility we all have to one another, on and off the jobsite. This includes making sure all employees are in a healthy frame of mind and have the needed resources for any personal challenges.


Thank you to Hensel Phelps for your continued focus on safety and well-being!







Denver International Airport | 8500 Pena Blvd., Denver, CO 80249


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