Clayton County Register - Barret Loux

Construction activities at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) have been halted after the discovery of what is believed to be Musqueam artifacts. The artifacts were found on August 2nd in the southern half of Sea Island during work on the airport’s south airfield rehabilitation project.

YVR president Tamara Vrooman confirmed that the artifacts include stone implements and bone fragments of birds and other mammals. Given that Sea Island has been occupied by the Musqueam for thousands of years, Vrooman stated that the presence of artifacts is not surprising.

Protocols are in place to ensure the proper handling of such artifacts. Work has been temporarily stopped, and dedicated teams will analyse the findings. Depending on their analysis, the artifacts may be stored, preserved, or returned to the Musqueam before construction resumes.

YVR has expressed its commitment to working with the Musqueam to address this issue appropriately.

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