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London City Airport CEO, Robert Sinclair, has told The Airport Operator that he is more optimistic about the airport’s recovery than at any time in the last 18 months.

Asked about Government help for UK airports, Sinclair said that the most important thing that the UK Government could do would be to develop a roadmap for the return of restriction-free international travel for all in the months ahead to enable airports to trade their way back to profitability. He welcomed the Government’s decision to ease travel restrictions from this month and said the replacement of the traffic light system “with a simpler and more riskbased approach based on the health status of passengers is a confidence boost for London City and our airlines heading into the autumn”

A key focus for London City Airport in the future, as it has been for nearly a decade, will be the role that it plays in sustainable aviation, both in terms of its own ground infrastructure and the contribution that it could make to sustainable flights.

A key sustainability partner for London City Airport is Embraer, which accounts for nearly 90% of all movements at the airport. The two are working, as part of a consortium, to explore the feasibility of electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) aircraft, or “air taxis”, to operate in London with Sinclair anticipating that trials could begin “within a matter of years”.

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