The CAA must report to the Secretary of State annually on the delivery of the Airspace Modernisation Strategy. Our report for 2021 provides an update on policy and regulatory process since the last progress report and a summary of current delivery plans. We also provide our assessment of progress towards completion of each initiative.

Our Airspace Modernisation Strategy responds to that requirement, setting out the detailed initiatives that industry must deliver to achieve the objectives envisaged in current Government policy.

The strategy sets out the ends, ways and means of modernising airspace, initially focusing on the period until the end of 2024. The ends are derived from UK Government and relevant international policy and the ways of achieving them are set through fifteen initiatives that include new airspace design, new operational concepts and new technologies. To establish the means of delivering modernised airspace, such as the resources needed, the strategy requires the entities responsible for delivering the initiatives to draw up delivery plans, with progress overseen by the CAA. 

Airspace Modernisation – 2021 Progress Report

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