British Airways is leading the industry in pursuit of sustainable aviation fuel with plans to increase the supply to 10% by 2030, said Carrie Harris, the airline’s director of sustainability, at the Sustainable Skies World Summit.

Speaking to FINN, she said: “This year is 30 years since we first published our carbon footprint. And since then we’re really proud of the leadership that we have shown in helping bring sustainability front and centre of our industry.

“We were the first airline is part of IAG back in 2019 to commit to net zero – and prior to that we’ve been advocating for sustainable aviation fuel and global carbon pricing for over a decade. So it’s been a long time coming but it’s really exciting to see the momentum building now.”

She added: “It’s super exciting – sustainable aviation fuel is a drop-in solution that’s available now. But at the moment only about 1% of aviation’s demand for sustainable fuel is available globally. And that’s true for us as well in the UK. But last year, we took our first supply of sustainable aviation fuel, coming from the Phillips 66 plant in Humberside.

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