Swindon Business News - Robert Buckland

Bristol Airport has said it will become carbon neutral later this year by hitting targets it originally expected to reach in 2025 – setting it up to gain the title of the UK’s first net zero airport by 2030.

Bosses said three key commitments to be a net zero airfield, with net zero buildings and operating a net zero fleet of vehicles would enable it to take a leadership position in the industry and hit its deadline 20 years ahead of the government’s intended date. 

But the airport’s claims were immediately shot down by Bristol Green Party councillors, who described them as “utter nonsense and a cynical form of greenwashing.”

In a statement, the councillors said: “The airport’s ‘net zero’ claims do not extend to flights or car parking – the two main areas of businesses, enabling aeroplanes to take off and land and operating a large and expensive car park – so promoting itself as a ‘net zero airport’ is misleading. 

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