Airport World - Keith Hui & David Tomber

HOK’s regional leader of aviation and transportation, Keith Hui, and Woolpert’s director of strategic consulting, David Tomber, share their thoughts on how better design can maximise an airport’s return on investment (ROI).

Design education and practice emphasise the importance of achieving design vision, functional requirements, construction budget and schedule. However, these ubiquitous project objectives can limit the opportunities inherent to the design process.

Design has the power to influence far beyond construction completion, and equal emphasis needs to be placed on the long-term outcomes of design decisions. These outcomes play a significant role in operation and maintenance costs, financial health, environmental stewardship, and occupant wellbeing through the life of the building.

Airports are large complex facilities where design has a considerable influence on terminal development and its operating life, enabling many opportunities to increase return on investment (ROI) by maximising revenue generation, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), reducing carbon emissions and enhancing the customer experience.


Airport owners can quantify these opportunities to make informed design decisions that have a positive impact on their facilities and generate a long-term ROI.

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